Why I decided to go to Taiwan

When I meet new Taiwanese friends, the question they invariably ask me is: “Why did you choose Taiwan instead of Mainland China?” Sometimes I tell them the truth, sometimes I just say that I am interested in Taiwan. I thought for a few days whether I should publish […]

First impressions of Taipei

Taipei Main Station It was the 4th of November when I arrived at Taoyuan International Airport. In Europe already time to wear jackets and prepare for the imminent snow. In Taiwan, instead, the weather was hot and humid. People wore short-sleeve shirts and short trousers. Taking off my […]

Welcome to "My New Life in Asia"

View of Taipei 101, the symbol of Taipei, on a wonderful spring day. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, “My New Life in Asia.” One year ago, on the 4th of November 2011, I arrived in Taiwan for the first time. It was an exciting moment. I’d […]