Cartoonist Arrested For Sedition in Singapore

Leslie Chew, the Singaporean cartoonist behind the popular Facebook page Demon-cratic Singapore, was arrested on Friday for sedition and was released on a S$10,000 (around 6,300 Euros) bail two days later (South China Morning Post 25/04/2013, p. A10). He has been charged with sedition, as defined by Singapore’s […]

Filial Piety in Chinese Culture and the Myth of Collectivism (Part III) – Footbinding In Old Chinese Society and the Concept of 疼 (téng)

Pan Jinlian with her master Ximen, the protagonistsof the ancient erotic novel “Golden Lotus”. To PanJinlian’s charm belonged her bound feet. Anointed with fragrance, she takes lotus steps; Though often sad, she walks with swift lightness. She dances like the wind, leaving no physical trace. Another stealthily tries […]