Social Mask and Face in Asia

In 1894, the American missionary Arthur Henderson Smith (1845-1932) published Chinese Characteristics, a book which was to become very influential, for it was not only one of the most popular works about China written by a Western author, but it also inspired the father of contemporary Chinese literature, […]

The Diaoyutai Dispute and the "Blood Letter"

“The U.S. decision to support Japan was made on a Friday and between the following Monday […] and Saturday […] banners and posters were erected by students on campuses attacking the United States and Japan. […].  Zhongyang Ribao reported the student protests outside the Japanese embassy […]. “[The students] […]

Living with a Taiwanese Host Family

I remember watching a documentary on German TV about exchange students in China a few years ago. It was funny to see how those young Germans tried to cope with an entirely new cultural environment. German students lived with Chinese host families and went to school with Chinese […]

Making Friends in Taiwan

If you’re not just a backpacker or on a business trip, but you plan to stay in Taiwan for a long time, one of the questions that you’ll inevitable ask yourself is: how can I make friends?  I guess almost every expat blog has at least one post […]