China Will Grant Scholarships Only To Taiwanese Students Who Endorse The ‘One China Principle’


(张瑜 / Wikimedia Commons)

On October 16th the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued the “Regulations for the Management of Scholarships for Taiwanese Students” (台湾学生奖学金管理办法).

The document aims at “implementing the Central Government’s Taiwan policy work, promoting the great task of peaceful reunification of the fatherland, encouraging and supporting more students from the Taiwan area to come and attend colleges, universities and research institutions of the fatherland’s mainland, strengthening their sense of identification with the fatherland.”

Article 3 of the “Regulations” states that in order to apply for a scholarship, Taiwanese applicants must “endorse one China, support the unification of the fatherland” (认同一个中国,拥护祖国统一),  and “conscientiously abide by the country’s laws and regulations.”

Article 15 stipulates that if Taiwanese students are found guilty of “speech or behaviour that opposes ‘one China'” (有反对“一个中国”的言论或行为), of violating “the country’s laws and regulations, participating in illegal associations and organizations,” or of contravening “school regulations and discipline,” their scholarship must be revoked and higher supervisory bodies must be notified.

China views Taiwan as part of its territory which must be reunified by peaceful means or by force, if necessary. At the 19th Communist Party Congress Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China is determined and has the capabilities “to thwart any kind of separatist plot to achieve Taiwan independence.”

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