Small Size Of Plane’s Overhead Locker Leads To Scuffle Between Chinese Passengers


Narita Airport, Japan (by Tu-ka-pon via Wikimedia Commons)

A scuffle broke out on a flight from Japan to China between two Chinese female passengers over the use of the aircraft’s overhead lockers.

According to reports, on Sunday a Chinese woman boarded a plane from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to Wuhan’s Tianhe Airport. Since the overhead locker above her seat was too small for her luggage, she put it into a different locker.

Minutes later another woman entered the plane. When she saw that the overhead locker above her seat was full, she shouted angrily: “Whose luggage is this?”

Since nobody replied, she simply took out the luggage, threw it on the floor and put her own in the locker.

At that point the other female passenger got up and complained, saying that her luggage contained electronic products.

The two women began to argue. The mother of the passenger who had thrown away the luggage stood up, too, and slapped her daughter’s rival. Flight attendants and other passengers had to intervene to try and solve the dispute. Due to the brawl the plane was grounded for 2 hours.

Cases of Chinese passengers’ misbehaviour on planes often hit the headlines. Recently a similar incident occurred on a flight in mainland China between two female passengers. In June and October there were two reported incidents involving passengers tossing coins into airplanes’ engines for ‘luck’.


Breeze of a Spring Evening by Yu Dafu


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