Catalan Separatist Leader Puigdemont Has Fled To Belgium


Carles Puigdemont (by Generalitat de Catalunya)

Carles Puigdemont, the ex president of the Catalan autonomous government and leader of the separatist movement, has fled to Brussels with some of his closest advisors, El Pais reports.

Today public prosecutor José Manuel Maza announced that Puigdemont and other leaders of the Catalan separatist movement will be prosecuted on charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement.

On October 27 the Catalan parliament had voted to secede from Spain after a controversial independence referendum that had been ruled illegal by the Spanish supreme court.


Today the only two members of the former Catalan government to show up in the Palace of the Generalitat, the seat of the parliament, were Oriol Junqueras and Josep Rull.

After activating Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, the Spanish government sacked the entire executive of the Catalan regional government and announced new elections to be held on December 21st.

This morning Puigdemont posted a picture of the sky above the Palace of the Generalitat, but the different weather suggests that the picture was not taken today.

Lluis Llach, lawmaker of the pro-independence Junts pel Si, tweeted that the “Right Honourable President of the Republic [of Catalonia]” is now “in exile.”



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