Valle De Aran Calls Plenum To Decide If It Wants To Be Part Of Catalonia Or Spain


General Council of Aran (by Jordiferrer via Wikimedia Commons)

Catalonia’s independence declaration has already led to another territorial dispute. Valle De Aràn (Val D’Aran), an administrative entity of Catalonia, will decide on Monday whether to recognize the independence of Catalonia or to remain part of Spain.

The general Council of Aran (Conselh Generau d’Aran) has announced on its Twitter account that it will hold an emergency plenary session on Monday, October 30, to decide about the future of the region. According to ABC, a part of Aran’s political class is against independence and in favour of remaining within Spain.

Val D’Aran is a small area in the northwestern part of Spain with a population of about 9,000. The majority of the Aran people speak Spanish and Aranese, a variety of Occitan that is also spoken in France; only about 20% speak Catalan.

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