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Pro-China Groups March in Taiwan To Celebrate China’s National Day

Today (October 1) pro-China groups gathered in Taiwan‘s capital Taipei to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

According to Apple Daily, today at about 2 p.m. members of the Party for the Promotion of Chinese Unification (中華統一促進黨, PPCU) gathered on the eastern side of Taipei Main Station and began to march through the streets of the city to celebrate the birthday of the ‘fatherland.’

PPCU members wore blue T-shirts displaying the image of the PRC’s five-star flag and waved PRC flags.

PPCU founder Zhang Anle (張安樂), a notorious Taiwanese gangster and member of the Bamboo Gang, one of Taiwan’s most powerful triads, also joined the rally. Zhang told reporters that the “spirit of the Republic of China has already vanished from the face of the earth.”


Zhang Anle, leader of the Party for the Promotion of Chinese Unification and alleged triad member (image by KOKUYO / Wikimedia Commons)

Zhang was referring to Taiwan’s official name, Republic of China (ROC).

The ROC was founded in 1912 in mainland China after revolutionaries overthrew the last imperial dynasty. At the end of World War II the ROC annexed Taiwan and outlying islands, territories which imperial China had been forced to cede to Japan in 1895 following a humiliating military debacle.

However, in 1949 the ROC government, which was controlled by the Guomindang one-party regime, was defeated by Communist insurgents led by Mao Zedong and retreated to Taiwan. The Guomindang’s aim was to reorganize its forces and ‘retake’ the mainland, but due to the stalemate caused by the Cold War, the plan was never carried out.

The PRC sees itself as the legal successor of the ROC and the sole government of the whole of China, including Taiwan. Beijing pursues a ‘reunification‘ policy, not ruling out the use of force if conditions for peaceful reunification were “completely exhausted.”

China backs the PPCU as part of its ‘reunification’ strategy to influence Taiwan’s politics. The party is suspected of having ties with Taiwan’s triads and of being funded by the Communist Party. It is believed that the leader of the PPCU, Zhang Anle, may have received 5 millions yuan from Beijing.

The PPCU advocates the dissolution of the ROC and its incorporation into the PRC as a “special administrative region” like Hong Kong and Macau.

Today Zhang Anle declared that the ROC still exists only because the PRC allows it, and that the “spirit of the ROC has already vanished from the face of the earth.”

“The only thing that is left of the Taiwan we live in today is an emblem, and this emblem has turned into an amulet for those who betray the Han nation, for slaves of Japan and for groups who are selling out the country,” he told journalists at today’s march.

The PPCU has been involved in a number of violent clashes against anti-China groups, pro-democracy and pro-independence activists in Taiwan. On September 24 a member of the PPCU attacked and wounded a student during protests against a musical festival co-sponsored by a Chinese TV show.

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