Man From China Lives As A Homeless For 22 Years After Losing His ID

A man from China‘s Sichuan Province lived as a homeless for 22 years after he lost his ID card.

According to Guangzhou Daily, 22 years ago a man named Zhang Youliang  (张友良) left his hometown in Sihexiang, in Sichuan’s Dazhu County, to look for a job in Dongguan, a major manufacturing hub in Guangdong Province.

However, after losing his ID card he couldn’t find take up employment, and having no money to pay for a ticket to return home, he began to live on the street.

It is not clear why Zhang chose to be homeless instead of attempting to contact his family members and ask for help. It is possible that his sense of shame for having failed to succeed prevented him from going back to his native town.

After his disappearance, his family members looked for him, but to no avail. They started to believe that something had happened to him and that he was no longer alive.

About a year ago Zhang Shiwei,  a worker of the volunteer association “Love Go Home”, met Zhang Youliang on the street and decided to help him. However, the man refused any assistance.

During conversations Zhang Shiwei learned about Zhang Youliang’s story. After such a long time the memory of his past life had faded. For example, he had forgotten the name of the village he had left when he was a 20-year-old young man.

The volunteer worker sent a picture of Zhang Youliang to a chamber of commerce in Sichuan, and from there it was sent to his hometown by a fellow villager. Later Zhang Lei, one of Youliang’s two brothers, recognized him and contacted the volunteer worker.

When the family arrived in Guangdong to pick him up, however, Zhang Youliang did not want to go. He became angry and refused to believe that he had been found by his relatives after so many years.

Zhang Lei said that they would take care of him and when his health had been restored he could work in his business. Youliang asked them to leave, and it was only after half an hour that he was finally swayed and agreed to return home.

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