Man In China Arrested For Using Fugitive’s ID Card

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(Image by 陳炬燵 via Wikimedia Commons)

A man in China was arrested for using a fugitive’s ID card to buy a high-speed rail ticket.

According to Chinese media, on September 13 at around 10 a.m. a police officer on patrol at the entrance of Huaiji Railway Station, in China’s Guangdong Province, noticed a man who behaved suspiciously.

The policeman walked up to the man and requested to inspect his proof of identification. The man produced an ID and a high-speed rail ticket. According to the ID, the man’s surname was Lin. However, the policeman thought that the picture did not match the man’s face and that he looked too old to have been born in 1996 – the birthdate on the ID.

The officer verified the information on the ID and found out that it belonged to a criminal who had escaped from detention.

Confronted with the facts, the man admitted to having used someone else’s ID. He told the policeman that his surname was Pei and he was 29 years old. He said that he had sent his real ID to his family Qinzhou, Guangxi Province, for administrative purposes.

He confessed to having found the ID in a vegetable market back in April and having picked it up. He used it instead of his own to purchase a high-speed rail ticket.

Pei was fined in accordance with the ‘Residents’ ID Law of the People’s Republic of China.’

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