Chinese Woman Sentenced After Kicking Hong Kong Flight Attendant On Cathay Pacific Flight


(image by Aero Icarus via Wikimedia Commons)

On July 14 a Chinese woman was arrested by police at Hong Kong International Airport for kicking and hitting a flight attendant. Today (16/09) the woman, surnamed Liu, was fined HK$8000 by a Hong Kong court. She faces additional charges for violating her bail conditions.

The incident happened on Cathay Pacific flight CX754 flying to Hong Kong from Bangkok, where Liu had travelled with friends and family.

According to Hong Kong website ‘HK01’, while collecting the food trays, a flight attendant, surnamed Yuen, asked Liu not to pile the trays up. Then she accidentally spilled food on the shirt of one of Liu’s friends. That prompted the 34-year-old woman to berate Yuen and complain about poor service. A senior flight attendant unsuccessfully tried to calm her down.

Liu later walked up to Yuen and continued the quarrel. She allegedly pushed and kicked her, leaving bruises on the flight attendant’s left leg.

Upon disembarking the airplane Liu was immediately arrested by police. She was released on bail. However, she violated her bail conditions by attempting to leave Hong Kong to return to mainland China.

Liu’s lawyer argued in court that the incident was “trivial and unfortunate”. Citing previous cases of misbehaviour by mainland Chinese passengers, he said that Liu’s actions arose from “culture and attitude issues”, adding that Liu felt sorry and offered to compensate the flight attendant.

The judge dismissed the lawyer’s arguments, saying that she did not believe that people in China don’t have an understanding of moral conduct. She fined the defendant HK$ 8000 on assault charges, adding that Liu was “lucky” not to have been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm (AOABH), a more serious type of offence.

Yuen refused to accept the defendant’s apology and said that she would hire a lawyer to seek compensation in a separate case.

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