Chinese Girls Resort To Prostitution To Buy A New iPhone


On September 12 Apple unveiled 3 new iPhones – the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Priced at US$ 1,000, the iPhone X is so far Apple’s most expensive smartphone, while the iPhone 8 costs US$ 699.

Chinese netizens have complained about the high price, which is a hurdle for many. There are people, however, who have found creative, though controversial, ways of solving the problem.

According to reports, after the launch of the new iPhones, posts began to appear on Chinese websites in which girls literally sell their own body to anyone willing to buy them one of the new expensive iPhone models.

Most of the girls’ advertisements were short and blunt: “iPhone X, Chengdu, three days no condom”; “iPhone 8, Anhui, three days no condom. If interested, send me a private message!” Others were even more explicit about the services that they were willing to provide.

However, a few netizens suspected that it might all be a scam and warned men not to fall for it. Others urged the girls to be careful and protect themselves.



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