Chinese Girl Kicks And Insults Man Who Just Proposed Her

The choice between “love or bread” is a dilemma many Chinese are confronted with. In a society in which marriage is often akin to a business deal between two parties, men who don’t have much money struggle to find a woman willing to marry them.

On August 7 a Chinese man was not only forced to swallow the bitter pill of rejection by the woman he loved, but also to endure a public humiliation.

As Chinese-language media reported, a man named Huang Yongyu loved a girl, but he did not have the courage to tell her about his feelings because of his modest income. As an employee of a real estate agency, he only earns 3,000 RMB per month (roughly 450 USD).

That day, however, after listening to the lyrics of a romantic song, he was inspired to overcome his hesitation. He called her and asked her to meet at Tianhe Plaza, a shopping area in Guangzhou, a metropolis in southern China.

When she arrived at the meeting point, he gave her a bouquet of roses and proposed her. The girl, however, whom local reports described as a “female Goddess” (女神) because of her beauty, rejected coldly.

Unwilling to give up his dream, Huang grabbed her leg and besought her to accept his proposal. She then kicked him away and said:

“Your house doesn’t even have a toilet or a shower, and you ask me to marry you? Laughable! Wait until you’ve become rich like Wang Sicong [a Chinese businessman and the only son of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin], and then you can come and find me.”

After saying those words, she walked away. The entire scene happened in an open area, in front of a crowd of bystanders. A video taken by an onlooker soon went viral. Huang Yongyu lay down on the floor, crying.

“You watched too many TV shows,” commented a netizen. “Take care of the basics first,” wrote another.

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