‘Bikini Girls’ Restaurant In China’s Nanjing Sparks Controversy


A restaurant in China sparked controversy after it hired young girls and had them wear bikinis as a ‘marketing strategy.’

According to reports, the seafood restaurant, which is located in Nanjing’s Gulou District, opened to the public on May 11. For the grand occasion the owner, a man surnamed Hu, hired 8 pretty young girls from an entertainment agency and had them wear bikinis. The girls walked into the dining room as if they were models at a fashion week and then served customers as regular waitresses.

The male clientele seemed to enjoy the performance. “This is really new and interesting,” commented one customer. “We have good food and also beautiful girls!” Female customers, however, were less enthusiastic. Some said that the bikini-clad waitresses offended public morals. “A restaurant is not a place for entertainment. We’ve come here to eat not to look at pretty girls,” said a 60-year-old woman.

Mr. Hu defended his decision. “This is an unconventional marketing strategy,” he said. “My restaurant serves seafood, so girls are dressed in bikinis. Pretty girls and good food match the restaurant’s ambiance and the seaside-style decorations. The guests can feel like they were sitting by the seaside, eating and watching pretty girls who wear bikinis.”


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