‘If It’s Frozen It Won’t Go Bad’ – Company In Taiwan Caught Selling Expired Meat

Another food scandal has hit Taiwan‘s headlines today after the malpractices of a food company were revealed by one of its former employees.

According to Taiwanese media, a man surnamed Chen posted on Facebook a video showing cardboard boxes that contained expired meat. The labels on the boxes have expiry dates that go as far back as 2013. Mr. Chen’s former boss allegedly argued that “if it’s frozen it won’t go bad.”

Mr. Chen began to work as a truck driver for the company on October 6, 2016. One day he was asked by an accountant if the labels had been ripped off. He said he didn’t know, but the question made him curious. Later he found out that the labels were removed because the products had expired. He heard his boss shouting “Rip them off!”. Mr. Chen saw that the date on the label was April 30, 2014, meaning that the food had expired two years earlier. On May 4 Mr. Chen posted on Facebook the videos he had taken before quitting his job.

Taiwanese media report that the company suspected of selling expired food is Li-Ch’in Agricultural Products Limited (力勤農產有限公司). The company, which was founded in 2003 and is located in Taichung City’s Ch’ing-Shui District, is owned by businessman Liang Chün-Jen (梁俊仁).

According to Mr. Chen, his former boss bragged about being a member of the Rotary Club and a donor of incumbent Taichung mayor Lin Chia-Lung (林佳龍). The head of Taichung Information Bureau Cho Kuan-t’ing (卓冠廷) denied having taken money from the company: “The mayor has no financial ties to the individuals in charge of that company,” Cho wrote in a Facebook post.

On April 26 officials from Taichung Health Bureau had inspected Li-Ch’in and found over 200 boxes of expired meat. The company delivers pork, beef and chicken meat to between 1,000 and 2,000 businesses in the country, amounting to around 1% of Taiwan’s meat market.

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