Red Bull Boss Criticizes Mass Migration, Multiculturalism


Red Bull Racing factory, Milton Keynes (photo by Morio via Wikimedia Commons)

In a rare interview to the newspaper Kleine Zeitung, Red Bull founder and Austria’s richest man Dietrich Mateschitz slammed mass migration and criticized the idea of a multicultural society.

Mateschitz described himself as a “humanist, cosmopolite, pacifist and individualist”, whose worldview is based on “individualism and non-conformism.” He said he rejects what he called “political correctness” and the “self-proclaimed intellectual elite.”

He explained that he is “someone who in principle opposes every imposed opinion (Meinungsdiktat), no matter where it comes from,” adding that non-conformists are “branded Communists in America and conspiracy theorists or right-wing populists in Europe.”

Mateschitz went on criticizing Europe’s refugee policy and the welcoming of hundreds of thousands of people. He argued that the influx of people from other regions of the world might destabilize Europe, especially the “uniqueness of our diversity, individuality, of different cultures, languages.” He lambasted politicians that advocate multiculturalism.

“If one of the highest-ranking officials in Brussels says that states with mono-cultures should be erased from the map, then I hope I am not the only one who is worried,” Mateschitz said, referring to a 2015 statement by European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans.

In a BBC interview, Timmermans had criticized the anti-immigration rhetoric of some Eastern European countries, in particular that of Hungary’s Orban government. “Any society, anywhere in the world, will be diverse in the future — that’s the future of the world,” Timmermans had said. “So [Central European countries] will have to get used to that. They need political leaders who have the courage to explain that to their population instead of playing into the fears as I’ve seen Mr Orbán doing in the last couple of months.”

Mateschitz condemned pro-immigration advocates, saying that “none of those who shouted ‘welcome’ and ‘we will make it’ has provided their guest room or a tent in their garden to accommodate five migrants.”

The Red Bull boss suggested that political correctness is forced upon the majority by the elite. “[It] seems as if nobody dares to speak the truth anymore, even though everyone knows what the truth is.”

Mateschitz’ comments received little attention in English-speaking media, but they were picked up by right-wing website Breitbart News.


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