Chinese Traveller Opens Airplane’s Emergency Exit to "Take a Breath of Fresh Air"

(photo source: Wikipedia)
In order to take a a breath of fresh air, a mainland Chinese traveller opened the emergency exit of a China Southern Airlines plane during take-off, causing a 1-hour delay. 

According to media reports, the incident happened on Wednesday 9 at Chengdu Airport. A plane of China Southern Airlines bound to Urumqi was preparing to take off when a passenger, surnamed Nan, suddenly opened the emergency exit. Cold air immediately entered the aircraft causing panic among the 130 passengers on board. 

The man had been allocated seat number 41A, next to the emergency exit. Later he explained that he felt it was stuffy inside the plane and he wanted to take a breath of fresh air.

The airport ground crew rushed to the aircraft to close the emergency exit from the outside. Afterwards, they took down the passenger’s personal details and carried out a safety check. The plane took off one hour after the scheduled departure time.  

This is only the last of an endless series of similar incidents. In December 2014 a mainland Chinese traveller opened the emergency exit of an airplane to get some fresh air. In March last year, a man opened the emergency exit door on an Urumqi Airlines flight because he thought the handle was a handrail. On February 11, 2015, a passenger of a China Southern Airlines flight to Nanning opened the emergency exit without any apparent reason. When questioned later, he said: “This door is not important”. The police detained him at Nanjing Lukou International Airport and kept him in prison for 10 days as a punishment. 

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