taipei metro massacre

Taipei MRT Murderer Sentenced to Death

Today (March 6) a court in New Taipei City sentenced Zheng Jie (鄭捷) to the death penalty. Last year Zheng killed 4 people and injured 22 in a knife attack in the Taipei Metro.

On May 21, 2014, Zheng had boarded a train of the Taipei Metro in Longshan Station. After the train departed, he went on a stabbing spree. The terrorized passengers were trapped for a few minutes inside the train. 

During the interrogations following his arrest, Zheng admitted that the knife attack was premeditated. He said that he had chosen Longshan Station because the distance to the next stop, Jiangzicui Station, was longer than the average. This allowed him to kill as many people as possible.

The sentence was pronounced at 16:30 local time. Zheng Jie remained cold-blooded and expressionless as the verdict was read out. According to ‘Apple Daily’, the day before the ruling Zheng had said that he “didn’t care if he was sentenced to death” and that he hoped the second-instance verdict would be handed down soon. After his arrest Zheng has never expressed any feeling of remorse for the crimes he committed. 

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