Links to the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion

Last week a gas explosion that killed at least 28 people and injured more than 300 shocked Taiwan. I usually don’t like to write about these things on my blog, which is focused on culture, society, history and places to visit. But while the tragedy was happening I thought it would be ridiculous to ignore it and instead write about something else. 

In this post I would just like to share some links to the Kaohsiung explosion and its aftermath. I hope that the number of dead and injured won’t rise, and that the authorities will learn some lessons from what happened. The loss of life was tragic, and there are no words to express the sorrow. My thoughts are with the families of the victims.

The Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance Taiwan has launched a fundraising campaign. It is great to know that donations by individuals and businesses have been numerous. Among others, Formosa Plastics Group, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., Hon Hai Group, Kinpo Group, Acer Inc. HTC Corp. etc. have donated a total of 4.8 million US dollars.

Wikipedia has already a page dedicated to the Kaohsiung tragedy. The article is very detailed and sums up all the most important facts.

3) Taipei Times: KAOHSIUNG DISASTER: Kaohsiung risks all, gains little (useful info about the history and development of Kaohsiung petrochemical sector and its impact on the city);


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