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20-Year Old Student From Taichung Hurls Drink At Teacher

Last year a 20-year old female student from Taichung (pinyin: Taizhong) went to her boyfriend’s university and attended with him one of his literature classes. As she was using her smartphone during the lecture the professor reprimanded her, causing the girl to lose her temper.

The girl, surnamed Yu, had gone to Asia University to accompany her boyfriend. The professor, a woman surnamed Wang, noticed that she was playing with her phone and asked her teaching assistant to urge Yu to stop. She did not comply, though, and Wang confronted her. “Please get out,” she said, “you cannot play with your mobile phone in the classroom“.

Unexpectedly, Yu got up, slammed her fist on the table and yelled back at the professor. “What a damned school, damned teaching assistant, damned professor! Who cares about your class, you’re not the only one in this school who gives this kind of lecture!” Then she took her boyfriend’s drink, hurled it at the professor and left.

Asia University (source: Wikipedia)

Wang reported the incident to the university. Only then did she find out that Yu was not a student at Asia University but studied business at Fengjia University and could therefore not be punished. She had attended that lecture only because of her boyfriend. He was reprimanded by the school authorities for taking the girl to the university and not preventing her from misbehaving. Wang sued Yu for publicly humiliating her. 

The girl claimed that the professor insulted her first and made her lose her temper. But Wang denies having ever insulted Yu. Wang’s version has been confirmed by the 30 students present during the lecture. 

Negotiations for an out-of-court settlement between the two sides were broken off after Yu refused to publicly apologise to Wang. So far she has not issued an apology. 


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  1. This is trespassing and disorderly conduct. Local laws vary. However, in many cases classrooms are legally protected from this behavior by enforceable laws. If she did this in my region, she would be required to appear in a county courtroom. There would probably be a fine. More importantly, there would be official documentation that would support law enforcement in the event of future offenses.


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