jiangzicui station

Parents of Taipei MRT Knife Attacker Apologise

Yesterday the parents of Zheng Jie, the student who killed and injured several people on Taipei Metro, visited a Buddhist ceremony held near Jiangzicui Station for the victims and their families. This is the station where Zheng Jie got off the train and was subsequently arrested by the police. In the days following the knife attack, many people put flowers outside of the station to commemorate the victims.

Zheng Jie’s parents went there to apologise and pray for the victims and their relatives. They were surrounded by journalists and were protected by police forces, as it was feared that relatives of the victims might try to harm them.

The father knelt down and read a short statement. He repeatedly apologised for what his son had done, and he said he and his wife would burn incense and pray for the victims and their families. He stated that he understood their suffering and that he was himself suffering.

Although he is our child,” he said, “the crime he committed is terrible … The judge will probably sentence him to death. Although he is our son, I think he must face up to the death penalty. That’s the only way to give a little peace to the suffering families of the victims … We hope that he will be a good man in the next life.”


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