National Taiwan University To Install Comdom Machines on Campus

Over the years I became familiar with the fact that some people depict Taiwan as a prude and conservative country, while others think it is a place for easy girls and crazy nightlife. I have wrote about my thoughts on the subject in another post. Certainly I don’t have the impression that Taiwan is as prude as some people have told me before I came here (which I am not criticising), and the following news seems to confirm this.  

National Taiwan University (Taida) will be the sixth university in Taipei to install condom machines on its campus. 

A girl posing next to a condom machine at Shixin University
According to Apple Daily, last semester Taida’s administrative council decided to adopt a motion submitted by the students union to install two condom machines on the campus. Other Taipei universities have already done so in the past: Shixin University (世新大學), Taipei College of Maritime Technology (台北海洋技術學院), National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science (台北護理健康大學), National Chengchi (pinyin: Zhengzhi) University (政治大學), and Kangning College of Medical Care and Management (康寧護專). Every pack will cost 10 NTD. 

Main entrance of National Taiwan University

The two vending machines will be put at the exit of the Health Care Centre and the Common Classroom 101. Taida Students Association has set up a website to promote safe sex and the prevention of infectious sexual diseases. 

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