Chinese Journalist Chen Ying Leaves Her Marriage Ceremony to Report Live on Sichuan Earthquake, Still Wearing Her Wedding Dress

On the 20th of April, at 8:02 am Beijing local time, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit China’s Sichuan Province, killing at least 186 people and leaving many more injured (note 1, 2).

Among the tragic pictures of destruction and death, an image, an unusual one, stood out, which made people smile despite the dreadful circumstances in which it was taken. It was a picture of reporter Chen Ying, anchor at a TV channel of Ya’an city. 

Chen Ying was about to get married, when suddenly the earthquake struck. Still wearing her wedding dress, she and a colleague of hers, a cameraman who was filming the wedding ceremony, ran to the streets to report live on the unfolding tragedy. Chen Ying thus appeared on TV clad in her bride’s gown.  

Afterwards, pictures were uploaded on Weibo, a social network in China, and shared hundreds of times within just a few hours. After her live report, the wedding service was carried on (note). 

Though getting married during such a devastating earthquake could be viewed as a bad omen, a friend of the journalist wrote on Weibo that this is rather a proof that their love could conquer anything (note). This is perhaps a good way to regard this tragic convergence of suffering and rejoicing.


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