Trip to Tainan


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  1. I guess the reason there are two different stations for HSR and TRA is that the budget would be much higher and the project would be more difficult to build the HSR station with TRA in downtoen Tainan. That's what I guess, but I do not know if it's the real reason.


  2. @Shan-Hua

    thanks for your comment. Yes, I guess this might be a reason. Considering that Tainan Station is very old it would probably require a high budget to build a HSR extension. I was simply writing as a foreign tourist, and as a tourist I found it a little bit uncomfortable. But I'm not a city planner, so I don't know how they could have solved the problem.


  3. Also may I recommend the next time you just take the free shuttle bus at the HSR station. They come every 15 minutes and take you to multiple stops in downtown Tainan.


  4. HSR was built based on economic consideration mostly. The authority intended to set HSR stations at countryside in order to balance the development of cities. The fact is that the stations are designed to get profit, speculated in land, but providing convenient service for passengers. We, Taiwanese, still have been complaining a lot for their services, financial and environmental problems since the day which HSR ran.


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